Photo of the Week

Small Format Photography - Weekly Motion. Photo by Lauren Litton

This week's theme was motion, students had the choice of long exposure, panning and/or flash techniques to produce an image that said "motion."


Photo of the Week

Image By RCC Photo student Ashley Hutchinson

This Product Lighting assignment required students to properly light and photograph a highly reflective metal object without using digital manipulation to hide defects.


Photo of the Week

Photojournalism Internship. Photo by Brandi Swarms - The Pilot

Hannah Ebel, left, enjoys a slice of watermelon with her cousins Ryleigh Stockham and Carlie Butler at the Pinebluff Lake on Wednesday, July 2, 2014.


Product Lighting Challenge Results In Photo Of The Week


Product Lighting Performance Quiz

Photo by RCC photo student team of Cate Gordon and Kelly McMillian

The Product Lighting class challenged students with the task of working in teams of two and creating images of a can within the time frame of 3 hours. They could not to use the studio or digitally manipulate their images other than making basic adjustments. The teams were randomly selected and the students had no idea about what the challenge was until it was time to begin. This image is a great example of creative collaboration, teamwork and troubleshooting.


RCC student selected for the Eddie Adams Workshop

Congratulations to Photojournalism student Abbi O'Leary for being selected for the 2014 Eddie Adams Workshop. The workshop is open to students and working professionals with 3 years or less in the field, only 100 participants are selected based on their portfolio for the free workshop each year.